Since January 2018 we import Hartwall Longdrink, Laplandia Vodka, Laplandia Bilberry,  Laplandia Aureus Vodka, Laplandia Espresso Vodka.

samaani Terva and samaani Salmiakki.

those High Quality Vodkas are Produced in the most Northern Distillery in the World, North of Oulu in Finnland.

The Faroe Islands produce a great variety of unique tasting Beer,  with this special island taste u really should experience,

at least once in your life.

also from the Faroe Islands Einar's Handcrafted Gin and Einars Vodka, both produced on a very high Quality standart and made with the Purest Water in the World!

all those products can be Tasted and ordered in our Bar in Zürich Switzerland

For Gastro Pricelists or private orders, please write a mail to